lil comic exploring py’s gender <3

please read this, it’s an incredibly cute and meaningful fan contribution to the omnisphere of my favorite game

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me at a straight boy’s house 

i spat my cereal on my desk and i now am wiping it up.

"god damn" fucking slaughters me

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Anonymous asked: Why are you so critical of 'tumbears'?


basically the bear community is really shitty and I don’t respect people who are willingly a part of it without at least acknowledging that it can be pretty goddamn problematic

like I mean first of all there’s the whole hypermasculinity and internalized homophobia thing (I’m a REAL man!/str8 acting) and then they femme shame a whole ton which is pretty sexist I think and let’s not forget that a lot of em are kinda racist with that whole “white guys only” bullshit

like I mean I won’t hate someone for simply identifying as a bear, but I will hate them for ignoring or partaking in or condoning all that stuff up there

This is why I flip tables when people call me a bear.


Wayne Barlowe

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Jérémy Louis @ Donna Models by butportraiture



*blows kiss down to the ground (for the skeletons)*


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The planet Saturn, brought to you by the Hubble Space Telescope.

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Call me Ansel iPhone.